our vision

At Gold Dust we strive to cultivate a community
of culture and creative expression, to bring multifaceted artists and art lovers together under one inclusive roof.
No matter how you identify or express yourself, we welcome anyone who is inspired by the work we do.

We are artists that tattoo – not just tattoo artist


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Live Reviews

Aster is a wizard, does incredible work and is really helpful throughout the design process. I love coming here and can't recommend it enough.
second piercing from here and will always come back! super clean and cute place; the piercer is so friendly and kills it every time
So I came by to Gold Dust in march to get both of my nipples pierced by Tearanie. She was sooooo sweet and super chill. Taylor greeted me when I walked in and made the whole process of getting pierced super smooth and simple. They’re both super professional and knowledgeable about the entire process. When I got the piercing done on one side, I was able to recollect myself before moving on to the second one. It was quick and not as painful as people made it out to be! I think Tearanie’s experience shines through and just made it just much more tolerable and easy to get pierced in such a sensitive area! Highly recommend them! They’re worth the drive if you’re in the suburbs 😊
This shop is absolutely incredible! I’ve been coming here for the last year, having Aster upgrade/cover-up my decade+ old sleeve. He also fixed a horrible behind the ear tat that I’ve hated for a decade. After watching him work his magic on my sleeve l have decided to upgrade all my tattoos (back and ribs) so I’m pretty much coming back every 4-6 weeks for the next year or so and it is well worth it! Aster is an incredible artist and extremely talented with his work! I’m so happy to have found him and this shop! 10/10 will and do recommend to everyone who compliments my tats and asks where I’m getting it done (which is literally every day, multiple times a day)!