What are your regular business hours?

We are open Tuesday-Friday 1pm-8pm & Saturday 12pm-8pm

We are closed Sundays- Mondays * Some artists may schedule appointments on these days.

Can I bring friends/family?

We love that you want to share your experience with friends and family but unfortunately, we do not allow additional quests. For safety and comfort reasons it is best that you come alone to your appointments. Tattoos are usually a lengthy process, and your guests will get bored.

No minors are allowed in the studio unless they are receiving a piercing and are accompanied by a legal guardian.

How much will my tattoo or piercing cost?
There are a lot of variables that can determine the cost of your tattoo. Pricing is dependent on size, detail of the design, location on the body where it will be placed, and which artist you have chosen to work with. Most of our artist charge a minimum hourly rate or flat day rates.

Piercing prices are determined by placement and jewelry selection. Contact the shop Tues-Saturday for an up-to-date pricelist

972-803-5559 or 469-334-0751

Do you take walk-ins?
Walk-ins for piercings are accepted Wednesday-Friday 1pm-7:45pm and Saturday 12pm-7:45pm
Due to demand, most of our artist work by appointment only. Same day appointments may be available but are subject to our hours and artist availability. Appointments are always recommended.

How can I book an appointment?
You can contact the shop – GoldDustTattoos@gmail.com for information and artist recommendations. You may also contact the artist directly via their email that can be located under our “TEAM” tab

I’ve submitted several requests, when will I hear back?
There are many answers to this question, and none of them are personal in any way. We do our best to
respond to every request but unfortunately, we just can’t get to everyone. The main reason is because
our artists usually book 2-3months at a time and there’s only so many tattoos that can be completed in
that timeframe. Most of our artist work within specific styles and select the tattoos they feel that they
will be best suited for, to ensure you receive the best quality tattoo possible. Our artists try to make
their guidelines for booking very clear. Please respect the rules an artist has laid out for incoming
queries. We wish we could accommodate every request but we’re only human.
Having kindness and patience with artists goes a long way.

Do I need to leave a deposit?
Yes, all scheduled appointments require a deposit. Deposits cover the cost of time and efforts that go
into your design and to hold your appointments. Please take this into consideration before booking and
respect the value of our artist’s time.

I’ve scheduled an appointment and consulted with my artist! When will I see the design?
Our artist prefer not to send out designs before the day of the tattoo. You will be given time to make modifications to your design before the session begins. Please consider the artist you have chosen and the style they work within. Listening to your artists recommendations and giving them creative freedom is always recommended to ensure that you receive the best tattoo possible.

How do I care for my piercing or tattoo?
Our team members will provide you with aftercare instructions during your appointment. You can also
reference our website under “AFTERCARE” for written Instructions and detailed information.