Body Piercing Parental Consent

Note: Information contained
in this document meets the
requirements of 25 Texas
Administrative Code,
§229.406(e) (2) for parental
consent during the body
piercing of a minor when the
parent is present

Under penalty of perjury, I, the undersigned, declare the following:

• I have the authority to consent to the body piercing of my child.

• I have presented identification of myself and my minor child to the manager/artist of this establishment.

• I agree to remain present with

Signature of Parent, Managing Conservator, or Guardian

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For the Establishment:

• The minor’s identity must be recorded.

• The parent’s identity must be recorded.

• Other materials presented demonstrating the status of the parent, managing
conservator, or guardian must be recorded.

• A client record must be completed and maintained in addition to the affidavit.