Getting Pierced with a needle vs a Piercing Gun

Getting a piercing is a big occasion and should be memorable, but in a good way. Most parents take their children to the mall, but we want you to know about this option. Our business offers piercing services for children as young as 8. Although the mall seems safe because of its family-friendly environment, shops inside malls generally only use piercing guns. Piercing Guns are known to be more painful than piercing needles as they use blunt force instead of piercing the skin. 

According to a piercer, piercing needles are specifically designed to pierce the skin, resulting in faster healing, and can be sterilized to prevent any infections. On the contrary, piercing guns are made of plastic and cannot withstand the heat required to sterilize a tool, making them unsterilizable. Although they can be sanitized, they can’t be entirely sterilized without heat and steam. They use a stud that is punctured through the ear by blunt force, making it a less safe op.tion

The process of getting pierced with a piercing gun is exactly like pushing a pin through your ear. So, your earring is forcefully pushed through your lobe. 

When getting pierced with a needle, first the hole in your ear is made, and then your earring is gently inserted. 

The Association of Professional Piercers takes a strong stance on body piercing safety. As per the Association’s website, only sterile, disposable equipment is deemed appropriate for body piercing, and only materials certified as safe for the internal implant should be used inside a fresh or unhealed piercing. Any procedure that exposes vulnerable tissue to non-sterile equipment or jewelry that is not medically safe for long-term internal wear is considered unsafe and puts the health of the recipients at an unacceptable risk. As a result, APP members are strictly prohibited from using reusable ear-piercing guns for any piercing procedure.

There is no truth to the idea that tattoo shops are unclean and filled with negative influences. Many states have stringent regulations for cleanliness in tattoo parlors, surpassing the standards of cleanliness in most stores located in malls.