Piercing Services

At Gold Dust Tattoos, we offer a wide range of piercings to cater to diverse preferences.

Ear Piercing

We provide a wide selection of ear piercings, from simple lobe piercings to trendy cartilage piercings.

Nose Piercing

We know nose piercings, whether you prefer a classic nostril piercing or a bold septum ring.

Lip Piercing

Lip piercings are a popular way to express individuality. We offer labret, Monroe, and snakebite piercings at Gold Dust Tattoos.

Tongue Piercing

We offer expert tongue piercing services with the highest safety standards. Our piercer is highly skilled and knowledgeable, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Piercing FAQs

How much will my piercing cost?

Piercing prices are determined by placement and jewelry selection. 

Do you take walk-ins?

Walk-ins for piercings are accepted Wednesday-Friday 1pm-7:45pm and Saturday 12pm-7:45pm

How do I book an appointment?